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Newman Chair Offerings

Focused on promoting meaningful dialogue

At APU, the Cardinal Newman Chair of Catholic Theology develops and offers courses focused on religion, scripture, and theology. In addition to courses, the Chair also sponsors guest lectures, fora, conferences, and other special events.

Courses for Newman Observers

The Cardinal Newman Chair is supported by an endowment from the Carr family. While courses in religious studies are routinely open to undergraduates, selected courses are also open to members of the Anchorage community for a modest fee. Although these “Newman Observers” do not receive credit for classes, neither are they required to take tests or submit papers, but can participate as they feel comfortable.

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Midsummer’s Light Bible Institute

The Midsummer’s Light Bible Institute is an ongoing activity for adult enrichment sponsored by the Cardinal Newman Chair of Catholic Theology. Every other summer, for three days near the time of summer solstice, the Institute presents a series of lectures by guest biblical scholars.