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APU Foundation

Supporting Educational Programs

The Alaska Pacific University Foundation, established in 1994, is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded to solicit donations and manage major gifts and endowments exclusively for the purpose of supporting the educational programs of Alaska Pacific University.

In effect the APU Foundation serves as an endowment for the university. Contributed funds, both unrestricted and restricted, are held in the Foundation in perpetuity, with only the earnings from the fund distributed to support the educational programs of the university. Restricted gifts may be made to establish scholarships or support particular academic programs, and unrestricted gifts are welcome as well.

The Foundation has experience with the acceptance and management of a variety of donation types including cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, charitable trusts, personal property, and other assets.

The Foundation is governed by it own Board of Directors who ensure that donor gifts are soundly invested and managed, and that contributions are used for the purposes intended by the donor. The President of Alaska Pacific University serves as Executive Director, and the Office of University Advancement provides assistance with fundraising and gift acknowledgement. Alaska Permanent Capital manages the investments of the Foundation.

Officers of the Foundation Board

Chris Swalling, Chair
VACANT, Vice Chair
David McGuire, Secretary
Jan Sieberts, Treasurer

Members of the Foundation Board

Trigg Davis
Don Bantz
Steven O’Hara
Roger Chan
Bonnie Mehner
Eric Wohlforth

For more information about the Alaska Pacific University Foundation, please contact the Office of University Advancement.