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Scholarships & Program Support

Contributions may be directed specifically to academic and need based scholarships, to fund any one of the university’s academic departments and programs, or the APU Nordic Ski Center.

Some donors prefer to specifically direct their contribution to a program they feel passionate about. Gifts can be restricted to support performance or need based scholarships, to fund any one of the university’s many academic departments and programs, or programs like the APU Nordic Ski Center.

Your contribution can be put straight to work serving your intended purpose, or it can be endowed so that it continues in perpetuity. Our University Advancement staff will be happy to work with you to determine the best option to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals.

Current Gifts

Some donors prefer for their contribution to have an immediate impact, and therefore chose to establish a temporarily restricted fund vs. an endowed fund. Temporarily restricted gifts are made with the intention of being spent either immediately or over a period of time. The funds are not endowed, rather they are deposited in an account where they remain until they are spent for the purpose which the donor intended. These funds may be established to fund annual scholarships or to support the annual operating expenses of specific programs.

Endowed Funds

An endowed fund is a fund that is created with a contribution that becomes permanently restricted for a specific purpose designated by the donor. In general, the original gift (the principal) is protected in perpetuity and only the income from it may be used for its intended purpose. At APU, the majority of endowed funds were established to generate scholarships, but other funds were created to provide operating funds for specific programs such as the APU Nordic Ski Center or our Health Services Administration program.

Learn more about establishing an endowed fund at APU

APU Nordic Ski Center

Individuals and businesses may direct their gifts to directly support the Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center, recognized as the best Nordic ski program in the US. Significant sponsorship opportunities also exist. Learn More