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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2010

Mission: Alaska Pacific University is an intentionally small, private, independent university devoted to innovative teaching and learning where students receive personal attention in small classes and acquire leadership capabilities, moral character, and self-direction through active learning. To achieve these educational goals Alaska Pacific University:

  • Emphasizes personal growth through student-centered, experiential education using Alaska, the Arctic, and the Pacific Rim as laboratories for learning;
  • Develops leadership for active service to society by encouraging openness to positive change, environmental awareness, innovation, and individual initiative;
  • Promotes international and multicultural education while welcoming learners of all ages: from Alaska, with a special commitment to Alaska Natives; from other states of the United States; and from the international community;
  • Maintains academic excellence by combining the breadth, integrative understanding, and critical thinking of the liberal arts with practice and focused knowledge for professional careers.
  • Nurtures spiritual and moral values consistent with the university’s Christian heritage while respecting the religious convictions of all.


Core Themes

Academic Excellence:

We aspire to integrate curriculum and the community to develop students who will “make a positive difference” in society, who, upon graduation, thinks critically, reason analytically, solve problems collaboratively, and communicate clearly and cogently.

Outcome Indicators:

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) scores; Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA);

APU Academic Assessment System (each semester); Employer/Alumni surveys; Average Annual FTE; Retention rates for all programs; Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Surveys.

We aspire to achieve deep learning in our students in a university committed to teaching and learning using the pedagogical principles of active learning communities, student engagement, senior capstone projects, and experiential hands-on learning within relevant service-learning venues.

Outcome Indicators: Student portfolios; senior projects; service-learning; action research; internships; community partnerships; alumni research; post-graduate placements

We aspire to provide students with personalized support to ensure their success and focused attention to the diverse needs of students in all our programs. Outcome Indicators: Noel Levitz SSI; NSSE; Student Life Annual Survey, particularly in connection with CIRP First Year Student Survey; program evaluations; number of courses that explicitly or implicitly identify personal and/or community ethical values as learning outcomes.


Sustainability (People, Profits, Planet)

We aspire to create student friendly spaces that facilitate interactions and foster a positive climate contributing to student recruitment, retention, and success upon graduation.

Outcome Indicators: Student Life Annual Survey: Campus Climate Surveys; DCP Alumni Survey; Program survey.

We aspire to attract and retain top quality faculty and staff by creating active learning community environments; a healthy workplace; a safe campus in which to work, teach, and grow; a campus community where people look out for each other with respect, compassion, and awareness.

Outcome Indicators: Quality of faculty and staff, retention rates, workplace incident report trends over time, crime indicators, campus climate survey outcomes, HERI faculty survey, participation in health and wellness offerings, opportunities for professional development

We aspire to be a private university with Stronger Financial Position.

Outcome Indicator: Over the next three years, improve APU’s Composite Financial Index (CFI) score to the “Relatively Stronger Financial Position” (a score within the 3.0-5.0 range). APU’s 5 year average (2005-09) CFI score was 2.51. A second peer benchmarked indices, the Council of Independent Colleges Financial Indicators Tool (FIT) will also be used.

We aspire to become an environmentally sustainable campus

Outcome Indicators: The Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System STARS of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) will be used to gauge relative progress towards sustainability at APU. Decisions are guided by a value system that encourages integrated, best practices and interdisciplinary approaches across campus

We aspire to develop a plan of self-support for the Kellogg Farm which will provide sustainable financial support for curricular programs and the community at large.


Strategic Growth:

We aspire to be a selective liberal arts university of at least 750 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

We aspire to attract and retain a greater percentage of Alaskans and Alaska Native peoples across all programs

Outcome Indicators: Percentage of Alaska residents, Alaska Native peoples, international students Admissions, retention, persistence, and graduation rates for all students, Alaskans, Alaska Native peoples, students of color

We aspire to make APU’s distinctive education known to Alaskans and other prospective applicants.

Outcome Indicator: Survey polls to gauge progress in degree of awareness among Alaskan residents