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Board of Trustees

Among Alaska Pacific University’s alumni and friends, a few individuals are asked to assume the special responsibility and honor of serving as the university’s Trustees. The performance of those asked to serve in this capacity is essential to the continued vitality and strength of the institution.

Members of the Board of Trustees of Alaska Pacific serve as ultimate fiduciaries for the university in their oversight of institutional affairs in accordance with the Bylaws of the university and as implemented through periodic statements of mission and purpose and institutional plans.

Officers of the Board of Trustees

Bonnie Mehner, Chair
Roberta Graham, Vice-Chair
John Eng, Secretary
Roger Chan, Treasurer

Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Hugh Ashlock
  • Mary Bettis
  • Carl Brady, Jr.
  • Larry Cash
  • Trigg Davis
  • Andrew Eker
  • John Eldred
  • C. John Eng
  • Charlie Fahl
  • Katherine Gottlieb
  • Wesley Heinold
  • Patricia Heller
  • Christopher Hodel
  • David Karp
  • Robert Gillam
  • William Anderson
  • Tyra Chandler
  • Karen Hunt
  • Archbishop Francis Hurley
  • Donald Keil, Jr.
  • Harry McDonald
  • Sue Linford
  • Bonnie Mehner
  • Lottie Michael
  • Edward Rasmuson
  • Governor William Sheffield
  • Jan Sieberts
  • George Walton
  • John Niles Wanamaker
  • Eric Wohlforth
  • Jason Metrokin
  • Patti McGuire