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The Alaska Native Executive Leadership Program is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge in key functional business areas through completion of nine modules. Each module is one month in length and consists of two days per week of classroom instruction on the Alaska Pacific University campus and pre- and post-assignments that can be completed from anywhere in the world. Participants are also partnered with a mentor in their sponsoring organization who will assist the student in identifying career goals and future professional development opportunities.

Module 2014-2015 Schedule Module Name/Description
Module 1 Sep. 19-21 Leadership Styles and Effective Communications

Teaches students to identify and harness the strengths of their individual leadership styles.

Module 2 Oct. 10 – 11 ANCSA History and Context

The history of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and the resulting unique roles and responsibilities of Alaska Native corporations in their communities.

Module 3 Nov. 14 – 15 Leading your Human Resources

Students understand foundational employment law and talent management strategies.

Module 4 Dec. 5 – 6 Budgeting and planning for sustainability and growth

Teaches students best practice for budgeting and financial management.

Module 5 Jan. 16 – 17 High Performing Organizations

Students learn how to develop and implement metrics for monitoring and improving business performance.

Module 6 Feb. 20 – 21 Federal Government Contracting

Students learn important regulatory and fiscal requirements to succeed in Federal Government Contracting—a key business for many Alaska Native corporations.

Module 7 Mar. 20 – 21 Evaluating options: Valuation, Risk Management & Diversification

Focuses on strategies and planning for corporate diversification.

Module 8 Apr. 17 – 18 Strategy Development and Implementation

Students examine corporations’ capacity for change and learn the processes for implementing large-scale change in an organization.

Module 9 May 8 – 9 Working Effectively with BOD

Teaches students how to work effectively with boards of directors.