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Business Administration and Management

Earn your degree from APU and learn to put your business ideas to work

The Business Administration and Management degrees are designed for critical, ethical, systematic thinkers who will lead the businesses of today and tomorrow. They are also frequently sought by adult students who, for personal and professional reasons, want to return to college to begin or complete a degree. The programs offer course work in the evenings on campus or online, allowing students to complete General University Requirements (GUR), requirements for majors, and electives to complete Associate and Bachelor Degrees. In a global business environment with fixed resources, business leaders must act with awareness and make decisions that ensure today’s businesses thrive while securing a future for the people and businesses of tomorrow.

By enrolling at APU, you will become a member of a very special community of learners. We have designed each class in the Business Administration and Management program with the working adult in mind. Many of the bachelor’s courses are in seven week modules and are offered year-round. You will find APU to be a place where you can discover new interests and master new skills while enhancing and exploring exciting new career options.

Active learning is the hallmark of courses at APU. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to real life situations. Your experience and expertise will be honored in classes; you will discover that not all of your learning will take place in front of professors and textbooks. Through a variety of teaching strategies, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from others both in and out of the classroom.

Courses are designed to integrate theories and concepts learned within the classroom to every day work. Methods of instruction reflect APU’s active learning philosophy, where classroom learning experiences include attending classes, engaging in independent research, participating in peer-group learning, executing projects, and writing and reflection.

Whatever your educational goal, you will find faculty and staff ready to assist you. You will receive personalized attention with faculty advisors who are ready to meet with you and guide you each semester.

It is my sincere belief that you will enjoy a rich, rewarding educational experience at Alaska Pacific University. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you further about our many rewarding degree programs.

Carole L. Lund, Director
Business Administration and Management