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Master of Business Administration

Your MBA from Alaska Pacific University advances your opportunities in an evolving economy

Student PresentationWorking professionals like you choose the MBA program at Alaska Pacific University because you want flexible scheduling, affordable tuition and a degree that upgrades your network as well as your leadership ability.

As our alumnae know, APU’s program delivers all these and more – while enhancing your knowledge of local, domestic and international business opportunities. Start here to learn how APU’s master’s in business administration prepares you as a scholar-practitioner, capable of thinking strategically and systematically about people, organizations and the environment we share.

You’ll join a cohort of peers eager for project-based learning that adds to your business judgment. You’ll learn from APU faculty who double as consultants, connecting you with real-world mentors and helping you develop sound management methods that you’ll put to work as you learn. And you’ll find that your work schedule fits ours, which relies on three-day, in-person intensives and online classes.

Your MBA from Alaska Pacific University is student-centered. You’ll enjoy plenty of opportunity to explore your interest in finance, investments, entrepreneurship, information and technology, or strategic leadership. And APU’s link to Alaska’s health services sector generates unique learning opportunities in a diverse and changing industry.

Welcome to the master’s of business administration at Alaska Pacific University. I’m confident you’ll experience education that works.

-Carol Howarth, director, Master of Business Administration Program