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About MBA

Learn from MBA faculty who make it their business to help you achieve

APU faculty members know that deciding to earn your business degree is a little like investing in a start-up venture.

You need capital, of course. But you also want vision, judgment and know-how acquired in the real world, with real clients.

It’s the kind of expertise shared by your APU faculty members, whose business backgrounds range from health services CEO to music business administration, from economics to banking, from financial accounting to leadership, marketing, statistical analysis and a lot more.

MBA faculty at Alaska Pacific University are committed to helping you develop as a lifelong learner as well as a business professional. You’ll gain fresh insight into strategic and systemic thinking from faculty who draw on decades of local, regional, national and international experience. You’ll benefit from intentionally small classes run by professors and instructors who emphasize project-based, cooperative learning.

As an MBA student at Alaska Pacific University, you’ll value ready access to faculty members who take time to understand your business goals, one classroom venture at a time.

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