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MBA Course Format

Hybrid Format

The MBA program uses a hybrid format:  each course is half online and half in the classroom.  Classroom-based time consists of 3 full days of intensive work.  Here is the annual schedule for course offerings and the course schedule for the upcoming semester:


The format for courses (except Summer MBA Core courses – see below for details) is

  • 6 weeks of one 2.5-hour class/week: webcast or archived recording
  • Asynchronous readings, discussions, exercises
  • Currently (as of this summer) it will be 4 online classes followed by 3 days followed by 2 online classes, followed by 2 weeks.
  • Followed by 2 weeks to complete course projects asynchronously.

The Summer trimester MBA core courses are structured differently:

  • MBA 664 starts on a Thursday evening, continues for the following full weekend, and finishes on the Sunday following.
  • MBA 618 meets Monday-Wednesday
  • MBA 624 meets Thursday-Saturday

The days for MBA 618 and 624 will alternate from one year to the next (to accommodate students who have difficulty scheduling 3 days off from work). These courses will then meet for 6 class meetings after the in-class days (over the following 6 weeks).

Technical Support Documentation for MBA Online Classrooms