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MBA, Health Services concentration


Health Services Administration is a concentration within the MBA Program at APU. This program builds foundational, analytical, and integrated knowledge of the health service industry. The program is aimed at current and future managers and administrators in organizations involved with providing health services, major customers of health service providers, and entities involved with developing and implementing health service policies. The program is based on solid business fundamentals with applications to a variety of health service settings, including the private sector (both for profit and not-for-profit), the public sector (local, state, and federal), and Native health service providers. Courses are scheduled to accommodate the needs of working professionals and can be completed in two years based upon a sustained enrollment in 2 courses per semester (including summers and/or shorter block courses).

The following are the degree objectives for Health Services Administration:

  • Learn the business of health services such that its strategies and growth are soundly based in effective leadership and other business practices
  • Enhance skills in critical thinking, ethics, and information literacy leading to better leadership decisions
  • Contribute to the community of health services administration in Alaska while mastering business management skills
  • Apply knowledge of systems to health services in Alaska, relating it to the national and global markets as a business, and to demographics as a provider of care to individuals
  • Investigate technology options that increase the health services administrator’s ability to provide services locally while simultaneously participating in national initiatives of information interoperability and security

HSA Degree Requirements

MBA Health Services Administration students must complete a minimum of 36 credits of required courses.



MBA Health Service Administration Thesis Option replaces 9 credits of MBA/HSA courses (MBA 63600MBA 63800, & MBA 63900) with 9 credits of research preparation and thesis work. The student takes the following: