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Classes & Delivery

Student biking on APU trailsOur department offers a wide variety of class structures and delivery approaches designed to meet the diverse needs of our students.  Most undergraduate Counseling Psychology classes are delivered through “Block” and “Session” formats.

Block Classes

During the block, students take one intensive course exclusively for a 4-week period in August/Sept, January, or May. Some classes offered like this are Psychology of Adjustment in which students have gone for extensive canoe/kayak trips, hiking adventures, and overnight camping excursions; Cultural Psychology in which students have traveled to Malawi, Africa to help build buildings and work educationally with children whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS; Intimacy, Relationships, and Sexuality in which students take multiple field trips in the local area and end with a retreat at the President’s home; Wilderness Therapy in which students traveled to adolescent treatment centers in Utah to observe and learn an array of therapy techniques.

Session Classes

Session classes are more traditionally delivered classes that are approximately 10 weeks in length. They usually meet a total of 3 hours per week with the meetings being either 1-three hour class, 2- hour and a half classes or 3- one-hour classes. Students usually take 3 or 4 classes during the session.

Human Services Classes

Because Human Services students are usually already working in the field and have previously attained significant academic credits, a different delivery system is offered for them that involves a combination of on-line courses, evening on-campus courses, and a 7-week long module format.

Module Classes

Module classes are offered on a 7-week schedule with two modules each being offered during the fall, spring, and summer. Students can complete more courses per semester with this intensive format.