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Potential Careers in Counseling Psychology –“Sample Job Titles”

Student in classCounseling involves working with a variety of individuals and their everyday issues in individual, family, or group settings. Below is a brief list of some job titles for people in the Counseling field.

Psychology Assistant; Licensed Counselor (requires at least a Master’s Degree); Outpatient Services Therapist; Workplace consultant; Recreational Therapist; Mental Health Technician; In-home Support Counselor; Family Counselor; Admissions Counselor; School Counselor; Crisis Interventionist; Wilderness Guide; Group Home Counselor; Counselor at a psychiatric institution for children or adults.

Human Services Opportunities – “Sample Career Titles”
Human Services workers hold a variety of positions in residential care, correctional facilities, homeless shelters and food banks, substance abuse programs, organizations dedicated to children and families, poverty and employment services, child and elder care operations, mental health agencies and domestic violence efforts. Helping others receive necessary services, monitoring and keeping professional records, organizing or leading group activities, assisting clients in mastering everyday living skills, and modeling healthy behaviors for residents or clients are just a few of the tasks that Human Service employees may perform. Below is a brief list of some job titles for people in the Human Services field.

Behavioral Health Specialist; Crisis Intervention Specialist; Employee Benefits Manager; Family Services Supervisor; Mental Health Therapist; Outreach & Communications Specialist; Nutrition Guide; Case Manager; Child Advocate; Child and Youth Program Assistant; Profession Family Counselor; Medical Social Worker; Resident Care Companion; Education Advocate; Case Worker