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Course Descriptions

StudentWe offer courses you won’t be able to get in most other psychology programs.

Here’s a sampling of courses you will be able to take at APU in our Counseling Psychology major.

PY 22100 Ecopsychology
Studying how humans and the larger environment interact with each other with an emphasis on the interplay of psychology and environment in Alaska.

PY 2600 Intimacy, Relationships, and Sexuality
Exploring the psychology of love, sex, and interpersonal relationships. Issues of current interest include sexual orientation and gender identification, the abortion debate, reproductive technologies, safe sex practices, and gender similarities and differences.

PY 31500 Psychology of Women for Mystery Lovers
Investigating women’s experiences and issues through contemporary fiction by and about women.

PY 32800 Therapeutic Mindfulness
Exploring the value of mindfulness exercises as an adjunct to more mainstream therapies, culminating in a weekend mindfulness retreat at the Kellogg Campus.

PY 33500 Creativity, Madness, and Self Expression
Experiencing the triumph of the human spirit expressed through individuality and creativity is explored through experiential activities and case studies of some of the world’s greatest “mad” scientists and “crazy” artists.

PY 35000 Psychotherapeutic Uses of the Wilderness
Critically evaluating ways in which humans and the non-human natural world interweave in order to improve mental health. Involves travel, such as to Utah working with troubled youth in the wilderness.