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What Our Students Say

Students on campus

Alfonso Grubbs

“My experience in the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program at Alaska Pacific University reminds me of my experience in high school and college sports. My co-learners are supportive teammates, and my teachers are the Dream-Team of Professors. It is a wonderful program, a wonderful experience for me.”

Tim Robinson

“The counseling profession perhaps more than any other requires that we learn about ourselves before we can successfully help others. APU provides a safe and supportive environment in which we can really get to know ourselves. It is an awesome program waiting to be realized by an adventurous and authentic group of people. Having an intimate familiarity with the material, being able to simultaneously guide and listen, and conveying an infectious passion for counseling, the MSCP professors are dedicated to all their students. I am lucky to learn from them, both as educators and as role models.”

Katy Ketchum Smith

“You all should know how much this program means to all of us, the students! My hopes and expectations have been surpassed. In the process of this extraordinary learning experience, I have already taken steps towards lifelong friendships. This first semester in APU’s MSCP program has not only brought me closer to my goals as a counselor, but has “filled me up.” And I look towards my second semester, eager for more!”

James C. Beverly

“I’m thankful that the training I received allows me the opportunity to aid others and, at the same time, not to do harm or put myself in a position that would compromise professional integrity.”