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Sea-Kayaking Trip

Venture with Outdoor Programs for a unique Wilderness Experience

What is the Early Honors Wilderness Experience Trip?

The Early Honors Wilderness Experience Trip is a tradition at APU. This back-country excursion through the Alaskan wilderness is facilitated by Outdoor Pro-grams, a division of APU’s recreational services. APU’s finest staff and student leaders will join Early Honors students on this trip, where participants will learn about themselves and each other in Alaska’s outdoor classroom. All incoming Early Honors students are encouraged to participate. Past participants in the Early Honors Wilderness Experience named this trip among their most memorable experiences at APU.

All experience levels are welcome, from the complete novice wilderness traveler to the accomplished outdoors person. For students who are new to Alaska, the Wilderness Experience Trip will be a first glimpse of our state’s truly awe-inspiring beauty. The Early Honors Wilderness Experience Trip will teach stu-dents about the basics of safe backcountry travel and how to set up camp with minimal impact on the environment. Participants who have experience travel-ing the Alaskan backcountry can take this opportunity to learn a new skill or explore a new area, and to create new friendships before classes begin.

The trip will also give students the opportunity to discuss their goals and expectations for college. The Wilderness Experience Trip is a great time to men-tally prepare before the excitement of Orientation and fall classes.

2013 Early Honors Wilderness Experience Trip Description

The Early Honors Wilderness Experience Trip is designed to teach new students about the basics of traveling and camping in the wilderness of Alaska. This is a par-ticipatory trip, meaning students and leaders will work together as a group to set up camp, cook, clean, find water, and live lightly on the land.

Participants in this year’s trip will spend five days exploring spectacular Blackstone Bay in sea kayaks. Here, mountains rise straight out of the ocean, topped with majestic glaciers, to form an amazing backdrop for our paddling as well as hiking from camp. Accessible only by boat, and home to otters, seals, porpoise and whales as well as eagles, moose, and black bear, this area is a critical wildlife habitat. The bay is also home to active tidewater glaciers.

Never been in a kayak before? Don’t worry, you’ll spend the first day in the pool learning the necessary skills to paddle in the Alaskan wilderness.

Wilderness Experience Trip Schedule

August 15 9am-5pm: Pre-trip Meeting — We will go over the trip plan, equipment needs, and other vital information. Bring everything you will be taking with you on the trip to this meeting. Any rental equipment you might need will also be checked out at this time. There will be a kayak practice session in the pool so bring your swimsuit and a towel.

August 16: Head Out — Load up your gear and jump in the van for an amazing road trip to the start of your Wilderness Experience Trip. Everyone will be shuttled to Whittier, where we will start our trip by loading boats and kayaking towards Decision point!

August 17-19: Sea Kayaking!

August 20: Get picked-up via water taxi in Blackstone bay and return to Whittier. Once the vans are loaded, the group will head back to APU Campus — Once
we arrive back on campus, we will clean equipment, return equipment, and debrief the trip. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to get settled in the dorms or go home and get ready for orientation.

August 21: Early Honors Orientation

August 23-25th: On-Campus Orientation

The sea kayaking trip will cost $100, which includes instructors, food, equipment and a water taxi in Prince William Sound. The trip will be filled on a first come, first serve basis, so sign up soon, as it will fill up fast!

How to Register

Step 1. Print out the following forms to read and complete:

Step 2. Contact the Outdoor Programs office at 907-564-8388 to pay via credit card over the phone or include a check or money order for the cost of the trip.

Step 3. Scan and Email or Mail the payment and complete forms to:


Outdoor Programs
4101 University Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

Step 4. Check your email for registration confirmation.

Step 5. Make arrangements to arrive on campus on August 15th at 9:00 am to start the Early Honors Wilderness Experience Trip!


View the full Wilderness Experience Trip packet


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