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About Education

All of the Education Programs at Alaska Pacific University are intended to prepare our students to provide effective classroom instruction and interaction with students, peers, parents, and the entire school environment. As a result, hands-on experience in each practicum with proven, effective classroom teachers is a key part of the “active learning” that takes place in all of the Education courses. Additionally, written reflections and open discussion provide support and direction.

APU Education Department Summary Pass Rate for Praxis I


Conceptual Framework

Each Education faculty member is also assigned student advisees and work with each student to address their individual needs, provide advice and guidance, investigate options, and provide support.

Education classes are generally small, with a great deal of student-instructor interaction and discourse. This allows each instructor to work one-on-one with future teachers to help them develop their interests, talents, abilities, and techniques.

The Elementary Programs have as their basis a conceptual framework that provides a wide scope of knowledge and experiences, addressing all aspects necessary for successful and effective career educators.

Education Conceptual Framework