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What does it take to become a Teacher?

The world of education needs certified teachers who understand and practice Active Learning. The Active Learning classroom helps young people keep their curiosity alive. Student-centered education, as practiced in the Alaska Pacific University K-8th grade program, makes school an engaging place, inspires students, and makes a difference in people’s lives during their most important formative years.

Think back upon your own early years in education. Who were the teachers you really liked, the ones who really taught you something, the ones you remember as helping shape your life? You can do the same for others!

StudentsWhy choose Elementary Education at APU?

Alaska Pacific University works closely with area school districts. Because the school districts work with APU to help develop teachers, those same districts want teachers from the program.

Alaska Pacific University can be your gateway to a teaching position in Alaska’s schools and Alaska Native communities. The communities of rural, or “Bush” Alaska are like nothing most people experience. People in these villages have practiced subsistence as their sustainable way of life for thousands of years. These communities also desperately need teachers who understand and appreciate Native ways of life and are willing to dedicate time and efforts to that end.

Alaska Pacific University has contacts with school districts all over rural Alaska. APU can prepare you to attain a relatively high-paying certified teaching position in rural Alaska, where you can help others while yourself taking part in societies that few experience.

Placement Rates for APU education (K-8) graduates are extremely high. Alaska Pacific University’s Education Department is praised and respected by the school districts because our graduates have so much experience in the classroom already, are creative teachers, and are highly qualified academically.

Close personal attention in small classes means that you will always have faculty who know you personally and are helping you to grow and succeed. Nothing will prepare you better for becoming a successful educator than the APU education faculty who guide and support you in the quest to become a great teacher. The focus of the education program is to connect theory with practice. These professors provide students with first-hand knowledge and experiences from their years of teaching in urban suburban, and/or rural situations.

The Alaska Pacific University teaching endorsement prepares students for successful teaching throughout the United States.