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What Our Students Say

Bryan Bearss
“I chose APU’s CO-OP Program after conferring with both principal I had worked with closely for years and veteran teachers from Anchorage School District. We all decided that teaching and taking the courses together would provide me with the most meaningful learning experience based on my extensive experience with the educational field. The idea of being able to transfer experiences and knowledge from lass to classroom was ideal for my learning style and also meshed with my need to continue working while learning.”

Meghan Lynn Hughes
“Although my degree is not directly linked to outdoor education, it is important to me that I am part of an Eco League school. The strong emphasis on progressive education of all kind is exciting to me. The perception of intimate graduate programs, cohort class structure, and collaborative learning also linked me to APU. The community around this program is strong and dedicated.”

Kris Hinrichsen
“My decision to apply to APU was a long search. I had spent time talking to and investigating programs to get a teaching certificate. What landed me here was one phone call. Within 10 minutes, I was connected to the program director! This type of attention to someone who was not even in the school was so impressive. I knew that if admitted, the professors would be taking a personal interest in my development. Since the program has started, I have been further impressed with the quality of the material we have been learning and the qualifications that the faculty bring. I’m excited to get to learn more and intermingle more with the cohort model of the program.”

Maurice Bailey
“I had been an educator for 8 years and needed to advance my career. I chose APU because of its K-8 program and the opportunity to work with educators who have background in the Alaska community. I like the idea of being a part of a dynamic education community. APU has the reputation of providing Alaska with teachers and principals who impact their communities. I seek to be a leader in my chosen field and APU ahs a proven track record of producing leaders.”

Ashley Maury
“What stood out to me was the cohort style of classes. I felt like if I was going to be studying teaching, it should be in a more realistic setting than a lecture hall. In short, I was attracted to the small class size. Also, I really like the philosophy. It seems to be centered on cooperative learning. I also know several people who have earned their education degrees here, and they love APU. I also know people who have gone elsewhere and were very disappointed.”

Heather Daigneault
“I liked the flexibility and timing of the school. I could work while getting my degree. While it is expensive, it evens out in the end because of how quickly the program can be completed. I like the small class size and the cohort system. I feel like I am learning with my friends.”

Diana Johnson
“I chose APU because I had specific interests in studying a particular educational philosophy called Waldorf Education. APU’s flexibility allows me to pursue those interests. I am also able to learn about other educational philosophies, in each evening’s class at APU. The faculty work with students to meet their academic interests and individual needs. I also wanted to stay in Anchorage.”

Dawna Pearson
“I considered the career change to teaching for quite a while before I actually applied to APU. I investigated several online programs, but after spending time in a classroom as a substitute teacher, realized that the skills I was lacking to be a really effective teacher I could not get online. After meeting the faculty and seeing that other prospective students were a lot like me, I finally committed my self and applied to the program.”

Elizabeth Cooper
“I chose APU because it is a night school program that allows me to teach full-time during the day. I am switching teaching fields from 7-12 to K-8, and the CO-OP Program fit my needs. My professors have been flexible in allowing me to complete the internship hours and practicum at the school where I teach.”

Christina Wilson
“The main reason that I chose APU and the CO-OP Program is because I feel that the faculty in the Education Department share the same philosophy about education as the school district in which I work. That is, I like that the curriculum invites you to think outside the box of traditional education.”

Terri Sloat
“I chose APU because the CO-OP Program will allow me to earn my certification in K-8 as well as earning a master’s degree. Other universities that I researched provided certification in K-6 or 7-12. I strongly feel that K-8 will open more doors. I am considering middle school and am glad I will have the option with APU.”

Carmen Cooper
“The personalization and hands-on application of the program sells it. I was used to having a very concrete assignment. At APU, you can personalize it and make it what you want. I would highly recommend APU to anyone that wants an excellent education with a personal touch. The teachers are easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable.”

Drew Anderson
“APU fit my schedule well. I liked the ability to be certified to teach K-8 and stay here in Anchorage. While at the same time, I can continue to work in the school system.”

Michelle Greer
“I picked APU for my CO-OP/MAT program because it allowed me to work while going to school. I also like that APU has a hands-on approach to learning. I want to teach with minds-on, hands-on topics and APU was the place I felt I could learn from.”