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At Alaska Pacific University, your environmental science classroom is as vast as Alaska itself

Welcome to APU’s Environmental Science Department, a program that rewards your curiosity about natural ecosystems, the people who rely on them, and the sustainability of each.

Whether your goal is to join a policymaking agency or pursue advanced research – or both – your APU degree helps you recognize emerging environmental issues, think analytically about them, and get your ideas across clearly. I’m eager to help you reach your goals.

Your ES degree from Alaska Pacific University is flexible yet can be completed within four years by the vast majority of full-time students. Your coursework is project-based. Choose from the bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, or master’s degree programs. Contribute to structured research led by faculty mentors in biology, environmental policy, earth science or marine biology.

And at APU, qualified undergraduates need not delay field-based intensive courses. Starting from your earliest days and weeks in the Environmental Science Department, you’ll discover chances to take part in challenging projects within Alaska or even internationally.

No matter how far you travel to join us at Alaska Pacific University, I’m confident that your passion for research-based solutions to complex environmental issues will help you feel right at home.

Let’s dig in!

– S. Carl Tobin, Ph.D. Chair, Environmental Science Department