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Earth Science

Our Earth Science students go to Alaska-size extremes. Hey, it’s only natural.

With an integrated curriculum in the geosciences – and surrounded by a landscape big enough to pack in a whole lot more – Alaska Pacific University offers you an Earth Science degree in a place that can entrance natural scientists for a lifetime.

As an APU Earth Science student, you’ll enjoy a forested campus in the heart of Alaska’s biggest city. And when you need a break from urban sights and sounds, pristine wilderness prime for scientific study is minutes away.

APU’s Earth Science program features small class sizes and a faculty dedicated to collaborative research with undergraduate and graduate students alike. Your Earth Science degree is flexible: Choose from the bachelor of science, bachelor of arts or master’s degree, and let us introduce you to project-based learning in a place so geologically active that Earth Science is a part of everyday life.

From its more than 50 active volcanoes and 3 million lakes, to its 100,000 glaciers and tectonically active plate boundary, Alaska is part of a northern region where ongoing change in the physical and climatic environment has implications worldwide. In addition to traditional study of rocks and the earth structure, your Earth Science degree offers courses in snow and glacier science, ecology, water science and management, oceanography, and more.

You’ll choose APU for the unparalleled natural world around us.
You’ll stay for the chance to contribute to science that matters around the world.

Welcome to Alaska Pacific University. I’m glad you’re here

-Michael G. Loso, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
Program director, Master of Science in Environmental Science