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About Earth Science

At APU, your Earth Science degree engages Alaska-based themes with global reach

When you pursue Earth Sciences at Alaska Pacific University, you’ll study in a region where landforms are still a work in progress.

Features like active volcanoes, geothermal hot-spots, some of the continent’s tallest peaks and thousands of miles of glaciers combine to make Alaska a ready-made lab for students like you, eager for experiential learning and a bit of adventure.

Your Earth Sciences degree is built on integrated coursework for a solid interdisciplinary foundation in physical aspects of environmental science. Challenging classroom learning combines with field-based intensives that introduce you to Earth Sciences in Alaska and throughout the world. The result: Lots of opportunity to practice Earth Sciences by doing it.

Working with your Earth Sciences faculty adviser, you’ll structure your degree to advance your professional goals. Classes in geology, meteorology and oceanography prepare you for advanced study as well as careers in areas like research and education, environmental assessment and exploration, among others. Collaborative projects with peers, APU Earth Sciences faculty and working scientists in government, industry and nongovernmental agencies offer you insight into real-world science.

Skills-based classes in applied areas like geographic information systems help ensure that you graduate with abilities that employers are looking for. APU’s intentionally small class sizes help you develop critical thinking on applied topics like climate change, ocean science management and the effects people have on our physical environment.