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Earth Science is the same as geology, right?
Maybe. Your bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree at Alaska Pacific University focuses on the Earth’s physical environment, everything from rocks to rivers. Other schools call it geology, or even geosciences. We call it Earth Science.

What sets your Earth Science degree apart, aside from studying in a setting as pristine as Alaska, is APU’s interdisciplinary approach.

When you major in Earth Science at Alaska Pacific University, your coursework challenges you to understand the physical sciences in context, as a complex system that includes aspects like vegetation, wildlife and human society.


Will Earth Science undergraduates like me have a chance to do fieldwork?


Your APU Earth Science instructors and professors know the value of witnessing the natural world in addition to reading about it. Earth Science field courses may take you off campus for a day spent studying an Anchorage-area glacier or for a month as you journey to tropical hotpot volcanoes.

Our travel and field courses are open to qualified Earth Science students – graduate or undergraduate students alike. From your earliest weeks at APU, you can count on being immersed in fieldwork that makes the Earth Sciences exciting.

I want to be strategic about my Earth Science degree. What are my career options after graduation?
Some students go straight to graduate school, some pursue a career first and then higher education. Our graduates are at work in environmental and geotechnical consulting as well with government land management agencies and nonprofit environmental organizations.

Professions aren’t limited to geology: Employers in a range of environmental-related careers know that research, writing and analytical skills you’ll demonstrate in the APU Earth Science program translate well to jobs in virtually every natural science.

Your Earth Science coursework, as well as opportunities to join supervised internships and collaborative research, is designed to help you gain marketable skills. Most APU students find that their first experience working as a physical scientist comes well before Graduation Day.


The good news is, I’m interested in lots of things. The not-so-good news: I’m interested in lots of things…. Can an Earth Science student like me double major?

Yes. You’ll find that many of your Earth Science peers are earning a second undergraduate degree along the way. It’s not required, but APU’s flexible scheduling and chances for one-on-one coursework make this an attractive path.

For instance, if you’re like many Earth Science majors at APU, your passion for the natural sciences extends to a love of the outdoors in general. If that sounds familiar, a popular double major is a B.S. in Earth Science and a B.A. in Outdoor Studies, a degree attracts students interested in pursuits as varied as guiding and education to psychology and graduate study.

APU students have found that a double major in Outdoor Studies and Earth Science develops a complementary range of skills suitable for a career in the mountains, on the rivers and oceans, and beyond.