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Your Earth Sciences degree investigates climate change, oceanography, geology, hydrology and more

Your four-year degree in Earth Science at Alaska Pacific University is an integrated geosciences program that emphasizes real-world skills ranging from geographic information systems to snow science, from to ecology to water science and management.

With a Bachelor of Science degree, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to pursue your interests in a northern region where scientific studies of climate change, oceanography and meteorology, among others, have implications worldwide.

The Earth Science B.S. degree suits a variety of professional goals including pursuing an advanced degree or working in applied research, public policy and environmental consulting.

As an Earth Science student, you’ll find challenging coursework as well as opportunities to join fieldwork intensives that could take you off campus for a day of work on an Anchorage-area glacier. Or you could join classmates on travel courses that span the globe, from Hawaii to Death Valley and beyond.

Earth Science students are recruited for real-world research that adds to your skill while permitting you to work side-by-side with your instructors. And APU’s small class sizes help promote a cohort atmosphere, where your peers quickly become your colleagues – and friends.