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Active Learning

Earth Science at APU lets you witness environmental and physical science as it unfolds

At Alaska Pacific University, we have a certain feel for Earth Science that’s hard to match.

When you study in a place where tectonics are active, wilderness is pristine and glaciers and volcanoes dominate like almost nowhere else on earth, Earth Science is part of everyday life. Your APU Earth Science degree lets you investigate these and lots of other features that influence the natural world in Alaska and far beyond.

Earth Science at APU involves you in project-based learning from your earliest weeks on campus. Whether you pursue a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science or graduate degree, you’ll join peers and faculty committed to real-world fieldwork in places ranging from Death Valley to Hawaii to campsites on an Anchorage-area glacier.

Because active learning is a feature of every class, you’ll gain applied skills in disciplines like geology, atmospheric science and oceanography. Watch for internships and research projects led by nationally ranked U.S. Geological Service scientists whose offices and labs are housed here on the Alaska Pacific University campus.

At APU, qualified Earth Science students like you find there’s no waiting for advanced-level coursework before joining faculty-student collaborations that investigate topics like hydrology, climate change and natural resource development.

We call it active learning.

You’ll call it a chance to cultivate knowledge in a place where Earth Science is a fact of life.