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Travel Courses

Your Earth Science degree lets you explore the geology of Alaska and regions far beyond

Project-based learning in Earth Science at Alaska Pacific University means the world is your classroom.

Field courses in Earth Science are your chance to investigate volcanoes on Hawaii and experience camping-based field work on glaciers within a short drive of the APU campus.

Whether your passion is the science of northern regions or areas far removed, APU’s Earth Science Department offers travel courses to satisfy your curiosity, add to your skills and advance your knowledge. A sampling:

Field Methods in Earth Science schedules a four-week course in January to one of two sites in alternating years.

In even years, this methods course takes you to Hawaii. You’ll spend a month on the Big Island, studying the geology of coastal regions and young volcanoes. In odd years, the class investigates arid regions by traveling to Death Valley and surrounding regions for a month-long course in mapping and geology.

Held annually in September, Geomorphology is an Anchorage-based course that introduces you to fieldwork in Southcentral Alaska, with an emphasis on glacial landscapes. For a real-world experience, the course includes some camping typical of some field-based geology.

Glaciology and Glacier Travel offers you the chance to take part in funded research on the quality of the Anchorage-area water supply. You’ll spend three weeks camping on ice as you explore the geology of Eklutna Traverse, linking Eklutna Whiteout and Eagle Glaciers. The class is offered in alternating years in May.

Perched atop 'The Grandstand' at Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, CA

Perched atop 'The Grandstand' at Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, CA