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Environmental Science

How Should I Prepare in High School to be an APU Environmental Science, Earth Science, or Marine Biology Major?

A Bachelor of Science degree at APU is a rigorous science degree that will provide you with exceptional opportunities for work, graduate school, and other pursuits upon graduation. But what about preparing to undertake this degree? Here are the most important things you can do in high school so that when you get to APU you can hit the ground running – literally!

  • Take math – lots of math! A Bachelor of Science degree requires the completion of 2 semesters of Calculus, so the more math you take in high school the better prepared you will be to enter higher math classes when you arrive at APU;
  • Take science – lots of science! Every science class you take in high school will help you do well in your college level science classes – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology – these are all great ways to prepare and to learn to think like a scientist!
  • Take AP classes and take the tests!  APU accepts scores of 3 and higher for many of our foundational math and science courses.  If you come in with AP credits you will move through the foundations faster and have room for more electives, a minor, or even a double major!

Have questions?  Feel free to contact Environmental Science faculty members or the Department Chair to help you plan and prepare for your APU Bachelor of Science degree!

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