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About Environmental Science

Your Environmental Science degree is shaped by Alaska-based issues that span the globe

For Environmental Science students like you, APU’s location near the top of the world is a lot more than a beautiful thing.

Sure, the scenery’s nice. But when you breathe in Alaska’s clean air or marvel at its abundant fisheries and intact ecosystems, your postcard view shifts. And what you see instead is a world of opportunity for unique, project-based learning that starts here and can take you around the world.

Your Environmental Science degree from Alaska Pacific University explores regional issues with global implications, helping you prepare for professions in our state and beyond. Choose from among APU degree programs in Earth Science, Environmental Science and Marine Biology. Working with your Environmental Science faculty adviser, you’ll tailor the degree that’s right for you.

Environmental Science at APU emphasizes firm understanding of the natural world and the way people interact with it. Your degree helps ready you for advanced study or science-based professions in government, consulting, industry and nongovernmental groups. And unlike some programs, APU maintains intentionally small class sizes. Starting from your first weeks on campus, qualified students find lots of opportunity to join field-based classes and faculty-led research – slots that might be reserved at other schools for more senior students.

In a world where climate change produces a need for expertise in areas like ecology, conservation, and technology like geographic information systems, your degree from Alaska Pacific University prepares you for environmental science that’s suited to a world of change.