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You’ll work closely with APU faculty to shape the Environmental Science degree you need

As an Environmental Science student at Alaska Pacific University, you’ll explore natural science questions and think critically about answers you discover.

But questions about your ES degree – how long it will take, how much it will cost and how to take advantage of only-at-APU opportunities – are concerns you’ll never consider alone.

That’s because unlike some programs, your ES academic adviser will be an ES faculty member as well – someone you know, and who knows you and your ambitions.

From your earliest weeks at APU, you’ll work with your adviser to shape the Environmental Science degree or program that’s right for you. Chose from the bachelor of science degree in Earth Science, Environmental Science, Biological Sciences or Marine Biology. Or consider a minor in Environmental Policy, Marine Biology, Earth Science or mathematics.

At APU, we’re committed to academic advising that helps get you where you want to go.

Because when it comes to planning your future in Environmental Science, we know that the hardest questions you’ll explore may be the ones you ask yourself.