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MSES Scholarships

Finish your thesis proposal and receive a guaranteed 8-unit Masters Scholarship!

As an incentive to timely completion of your research proposal, every MSES student receives a guaranteed 8-unit Masters Scholarship. This scholarship, valued at $5560, pays for 8 out of the 12 required units of thesis research, and is awarded to every MSES student when they begin their research (usually in the second year).

MSES students also compete for Graduate Assistantships that are open to both new and continuing students. These assistantships are merit based, and typical awards are four-credit tuition waivers. Assistantship recipients typically help a faculty member with teaching or research responsibilities in return for their award. Assistantships valued at more than $40,000 are granted by the Environmental Science Department every year. Apply before the priority application deadline (February 15 for the fall semester) to get first crack at these assistantships.

Additional research funds are available to Environmental Science graduate students from a wide variety of sources, including both national agencies (like NASA, the National Park Service, and the National Science Foundation) and local sources (like consulting firms, state agencies, and area nonprofits). While funding for thesis work varies by project, most MSES students—with help from the thesis committee—win financial backing either through research grants or active collaboration with outside entities.