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Facilities & Resources

At APU, you have a most distinctive laboratory for study: Alaska!

It is not by coincidence that the first word at APU is Alaska. In the MSES program, you will be immersed in the Alaskan environment. Your courses, labs, and independent research will focus on the natural science, policies, and peoples of Alaska. The faculty are specialists in northern regions research. And most importantly, Alaska is right outside. From the beautiful APU campus to the adjacent mountains of Chugach State Park and the immensity of Alaska’s many other wilderness areas, graduate students at APU are poised and encouraged to take advantage of this globally unique setting for environmental science research.

For a small school, APU has big resources.

APU has excellent lab facilities on the recently renovated third floor of Grant Hall, and in addition has access to excellent field stations for fieldwork. Importantly, we leverage our statewide reputation for quality research to collaborate with a wide variety of public and private institutions, providing access to additional resources that might otherwise be unavailable in a small school. As a consequence, you’ll find MSES students working all over the state in field sites, laboratories, libraries, and communities far from our beautiful campus at the foot of the Chugach Mountains.