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About MSES

Earn your MSES at Alaska Pacific University to enhance your research-based problem solving

Your thesis-based master’s degree in Environmental Science helps you develop as a researcher, capable of contributing to our understanding of the natural world and ways that people use it.

APU faculty interests offer graduate students like you a wide range of research areas. Consider real-world topics in marine biology; fisheries; ecology; biology; geology; zoology; environmental justice; and earth science, among others. Your MSES from Alaska Pacific University focuses on environmental challenges and opportunities that shape Alaska today and have implications for our region, nation and the world.

MSES students integrate conceptual foundations as they investigate the physical environment. You’ll gain expertise in applying principles from the natural sciences as you pursue your MSES thesis. Use your degree to advance in your current workplace or train for professions that focus on areas like pollution control, natural resources management, and the processes that people rely on as they interact with the environment.

Your MSES degree from Alaska Pacific University prepares you for careers with public and private agencies as well as advocacy and consulting firms. MSES graduates contribute to data-driven decision making involved in using and protecting the natural environmental.