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Program Structure

Breadth and Depth

Your MSES degree at APU is flexible. You’ll begin by assessing your professional goals, then work with your faculty mentor to choose courses and design fieldwork that prepare you for employment, advanced studies, or both.

Your coursework will provide a breadth of skills and knowledge necessary for professional advancement in the environmental sciences. You will successfully complete two required courses, four more chosen from a menu of science and policy courses, and two electives that are flexible enough to allow independent studies, internships, or even specialized courses from other universities.

Your thesis will provide deep immersion in the field you choose. You’ll begin with a research proposal, guided through the process by your first required course (Research Methods) and by a thesis committee you select. Once your research is underway, usually by your first summer, you’ll attend two research seminars to share your progress and challenges with fellow students. In our interdisciplinary program, you’ll find that their research topics may be very different from yours. But as part of a small, vibrant research community, you’ll find mutual support in the shared skills you’re developing.