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Liberal Studies

To prepare for a world that rewards innovation, come learn in ours.

Your Liberal Studies degree from Alaska Pacific University is the credential you want when your goals demand demonstrated ability to think well, analyze logically, communicate clearly and research efficiently.

In fields ranging from teaching to law, from social sciences to public policy, from music and writing to public relations and climate change, your Liberal Studies degree is a foundation for creativity and critical thinking – traits rewarded in just about every profession we can think of as well as careers they haven’t even invented yet.

Experience active learning in the arts and sciences

Your BA in Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering concentrations in writing, pre-law, philosophy, literature or religious studies. Designed for deep learning, Liberal Studies concentrations are a good fit when you want a degree that develops your skills, knowledge and talent in a specific field.

Concentrations maintain your focus while introducing you to advanced topics you might not encounter in other BA programs. A self-designed senior project – required of all APU undergraduates – lets you demonstrate capstone skills including critical thinking, project management, information gathering and communication.

When you want to combine unique interests and applied studies, work with your Liberal Studies adviser for a customized concentration that engages your curiosity and reflects your aptitude. This Liberal Studies concentration is yours to devise in areas as varied as politics, media studies or cultures of Alaska Native people. The customized concentration often introduces you to advanced study –distinguishing your BA from Alaska Pacific University from many other programs.

No matter which track you choose – a pre-set or customized concentration– Liberal Studies at APU emphasizes active learning. That means you won’t wait around until your junior or senior year to begin applying your knowledge. Liberal Studies majors like pursue one-on-one directed studies, study abroad programs and resume-building projects that you design and carry out with your adviser’s guidance.

Apply your transfer credits toward a Liberal Studies degree that shows what you know

If accumulated college credits from other schools haven’t earned you a degree, be sure to ask how majoring in Liberal Studies can be an efficient track toward your BA from Alaska Pacific University.

Because Liberal Studies draws on a range of disciplines and offers customized concentrations, your transfer credits can become a foundation toward efficient degree completion.

And transfer students often find that pursuing a BA in Liberal Studies offers lots of room to develop personal and professional interests. Use your Liberal Studies senior project to showcase your talents and abilities while putting to use knowledge you’ve acquired throughout your college career.

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