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Choose the Philosophy Concentration for a program that emphasizes thinking, planning, doing and thriving

It’s true: Few people get paid for philosophizing.

Lucky for you, then, that your Philosophy Concentration within the BA in Liberal Studies educates you for action.

From your earliest classes in thinking about thinking to upper-division courses for applied learning, your Philosophy Concentration focuses on life’s hardest questions and what people have done – or could do – about them.

How do we learn to think well? Is goodness always a virtue? Who gets to decide what’s a virtue anyway?

By learning to frame and analyze complexity, your Philosophy Concentration gives you practice in researching and explaining real-world answers. Learn to examine ideas systematically. Recognize cause and effect. Engage in reasoning and ethics-based decisionmaking as you acquire skills for professions like law, public policy, business, education and many others.

One of five optional academic tracks within the BA in Liberal Studies, the Philosophy Concentration is project-based learning. You’ll practice teamwork, problem solving and abstract thinking – credentials you need for careers or graduate school or both.

Apply your Philosophy Concentration in the junior practicum experience. Join APU teammates by competing in the Alaska Ethics Bowl. Or enroll in an Eco-League education exchange for perspective on issues like environmental ethics. As senior year approaches, work with your Liberal Studies faculty mentor to complete your capstone project designed to reward your curiosity, enhance your resume and deepen your capacity to thrive.

Sample courses in the Philosophy Concentration:

  • PH30400 Advanced Studies in Philosophy of Science An advanced level course in philosophy of science will closely study more difficult texts in careful attempt to work out the full complexity of the author’s meaning. Students will be asked to engage in close study and critique of individual texts in philosophy of science, with emphasis on understanding the works in the context of the tradition from which they emerge. Satisfies the Humanities GUR. Prerequisites: Introductory course in Philosophy or instructor permission. Offered as needed. Competencies: CT, CR, SR
  • LL40600 Advanced Studies in Literature and Language Advanced studies in literature are grounded in critical theory and cultural and historical contexts. Studies of language rely on current theories in the field. Satisfies the Humanities GUR. Offered Fall/Spring. Competencies: CT, CR, SR
  • RS30100 Advanced Studies in Religion These courses examine fundamental texts, history and past and/or present concerns in religious experience, interpretation or speculative thought. Each course will introduce students to the theoretical approaches, forms of critical analysis, and research methods of their respective content. The courses will engage students with basic critical techniques and provide opportunities to explore relevant examples in the national and local believing and scholarly communities. Satisfies the Humanities GUR. Offered Fall/Spring. Competencies: CT, CR, SR