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For legal education readiness, choose the Pre-law Concentration within your BA in Liberal Studies

Law schools are looking for people a lot like you.

Students educated to think clearly and write well. Whose resumes demonstrate leadership. Students from Pre-law programs like ours that meet the recommended preparation for legal education outlined by the American Bar Association.

Your Pre-law Concentration is one of five optional tracks within the BA in Liberal Studies. It’s designed to help you develop as a law school applicant beginning with your earliest academic advising and coursework.

Intentionally small class sizes prepare you for seminar courses typical of most law schools. Pre-law students work closely with Liberal Studies faculty mentors, whose recommendation letters reflect knowledge of your potential as well as your GPA.

Challenge yourself in a humanities-based curriculum offering study abroad, interdisciplinary electives and project-based learning. Take part in APU student government and Liberal Studies arts events. Or consider Eco-League environmental courses for academic enrichment that law schools value in students like you.

Beyond the classroom, your junior year practicum experience and senior year capstone project let you to demonstrate intellectual curiosity, ethical decisionmaking, perseverance and ability to draw on life experience. Each trait helps distinguish your law school application.

When you pursue the Pre-law Concentration within your BA, you’ll graduate with a Liberal Studies degree as well as a resume of competencies designed with legal education in mind.

Sample Pre-law Concentration courses:

  • HI30106 U.S. Constitutional Law
  • BAM36100 Law and Citizenship This course covers a survey of the major areas of law that are fundamental to our economic system and which influence business decision making. The evolution and application of specific legal principles and substantive rules that govern disputes and transactions are explored, as well as court structures and procedures. Basic legal research skill and knowledge are developed as part of the course. Offered Fall/Spring. Competencies: LE; PS
  • LL40618 Rhetoric Past and Present