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From poetry and filmmaking, from women’s studies to the philosophy of education, from Alaska Native issues to U.S history and far beyond, Liberal Studies is home to passions and curiosity that can take you around the corner, around the state, or around the globe.

Here’s what some recent Liberal Studies graduates have to say:

“With so many options open to students, why would anyone choose another major? Liberal Studies professors take time to work with students so that we get an education that’s interesting and challenging. I’m studying philosophy, literature, creative writing, women’s studies, cultural studies and linguistics – all with the plan to attend grad school in Deaf education. Liberal Studies helped me find my own direction.”

Rachel Day


“I’d tell new students in Liberal Studies to make good use of the department’s flexibility so that you can explore all the ideas and possibilities you’re passionate about. I’m combining my passion for fine-art photography and photojournalism with my love of the outdoors. My goal is to gain a better understanding of the people, places and cultures I’m photographing so that I can visually communicate what other societies and cultures are really like.”

Joshua Borough


“I’ve discovered what I want to do in life. When I first arrived, I became a Liberal Studies major because I wanted any art class I could lay my hands on. But in my sophomore year, I enrolled in a women’s studies course and I’ve pursued that, along with literature and writing, ever since. It’s vital for new students in Liberal Studies to take part in active learning – a process that teaches you to shape your own education. After graduation, I want to remain a part of college life by earning an advanced degree and one day, I hope to be a university dean or maybe even a campus president.”

Jess Haley


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