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About Master of Arts

You’ve got the passion…pursue your interests with the MAP

APU’s Master of Arts Program gives students the opportunity to personally tailor their study to their unique vision and to take responsibility for the structure and content of their education.

As a MAP student, you will design and implement a learning plan that will allow you to explore unique ideas and information independently.

How can you tell if MAP is right for you?

To take advantage of MAP, you must already have adequate preparation, through experience or formal study, to begin Master’s level research and projects in your chosen study area.

Most often, MAP students pick topics that are fresh and cutting-edge in the area where they have background. This allows you to enter Master’s level program and complete it with distinction.

However, MAP can also be a very effective way to take a new direction, to change careers, or to develop a specialty. The MAP staff will be happy to talk to you about your plans and whether MAP is right for you.

The Basics of the MAP Program

MAP is a 36-credit, individualized contract-learning graduate degree program that draws on the vision of the creative student. It allows the student to enrich, strengthen, expand and focus knowledge gained through the dynamic combination of prior education and real-world experience.