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Sustainability Studies

You want to major in making the world a better place. APU’s got a degree for that.

Maybe you’re like me in my undergraduate days: An eager student, passionate about the environment. And biology. And law. And social justice, culture, economics, history, sustainable development…. Well, the list goes on. Like you, I wanted to help improve our natural world and the lives of people who depend on it. I still do.

And because the challenging, transdisciplinary degree I wanted when I was a student just didn’t exist, I developed it here, at Alaska Pacific University.

APU’s bachelor’s of arts degree in Sustainability Studies is designed for students like you whose multiple talents are ideally suited to understanding today’s multi-layered environmental issues.

When you pursue Sustainability Studies at APU, you’ll find yourself in the right place, at the right time: Our geopolitical location puts Alaska at the forefront of issues ready-made for students who are passionate about sustainable connections among people, planet and profit. And unlike similar degrees, your BA in Sustainability Studies from APU educates you for real-world problem-solving – not merely problem-describing.

Begin by working closely with your Liberal Studies faculty mentor to structure a BA that satisfies your professional goals. Then focus your coursework by choosing among skill-enhancing classes like geographical information systems or ecological economics. Gain context for practical problem-solving with courses in green global history, critical thinking and ethics.

You’ll enjoy flexibility built into your degree by pursuing field-based travel courses or studying at one of APU’s Eco-League sister schools. Add to your professional network by making the most of you senior year capstone and projects at government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Welcome to your BA in Sustainability Studies from Alaska Pacific University. If you’re like me – eager for research-backed ideas for a better world – you’re in the right place.

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