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About Sustainability Studies

Muir, McPhee, Murie. Sustainability Studies has a long history here

When you pursue Sustainability Studies at APU, you’ll be at home in wilderness that has long rewarded transdisciplinary thinkers like you.

Our region is where John Muir, John McPhee, Richard Proenneke and Olaus and Mardie Murie – among many other explorers, scientists, writers and artists – were inspired to document and explain an environment where change is about the only constant. Alaska’s location near the top of world makes our urban and rural landscapes living laboratories of sustainability challenges and opportunities with international implications.

At Alaska Pacific University, your BA in Sustainability Studies is an invitation to investigate the natural world by combining perspectives of indigenous peoples, scientists, artists, healers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and others who continue to influence our environment today.

  • Sustainability Studies at APU is grounded in the humanities. Housed in the Liberal Studies Department, your Sustainability Studies degree sharpens critical thinking with coursework in philosophy, history, literature, Alaska Native studies, and written and oral communications.
  • Your program is rigorous. Depending on your interest within the degree, you could be traveling to Africa for service learning, camping on a glacier for insight into earth science, or querying Alaska Native leaders as part of a student-run panel.
  • Your BA is flexible. Working with your faculty mentor, you’ll design a study plan that advances your professional goals and features courses throughout the university, from psychology to outdoor studies, from marine biology to business administration and beyond.
  • Your degree has real-world application. When you understand the interconnections among complex natural systems, you gain transferable skills needed to study, record, publicize, manage, or predict environmental effects of human activity. Sustainability Studies at APU offers opportunities for internships and project-based learning so that you’ll graduate with demonstrated abilities valued by government, private industry and nonprofit sectors.

Your BA in Sustainability Studies readies you for graduate study as well as careers in areas like conservation, ecology, public outreach and resource management.