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MS Outdoor and Environmental Education

Earn your degree in a place where farm and forest are your classrooms

Your master’s degree in Outdoor and Environmental Education from APU signals a commitment to the natural world and its power to help people flourish.

It’s also a sign that you love a challenge.

At Alaska Pacific University, our OEE home base is a 700-acre working farm that doubles as your active-learning lab, where students like you design and deliver environmental learning programs year-round.

OEE’s home here at Kellogg Farm, just 45 minutes northeast of APU’s main campus, encompasses open fields, northern forest, spring fens and winding trails – pristine terrain that’s waiting to be explored and interpreted by educators like you.

Take part in Kellogg’s community supported agriculture project for a hands-on (and hands dirty) education in sustainable farming. Challenge yourself to research Alaska-based issues familiar to OEE professionals worldwide, including resource development, land-use conflicts, and preservation, among many others.

You’ll join our intentionally small cohorts for learning that may occur around the farmhouse fireplace, in the yurt, at the interactive children’s garden and any outdoor space in between. Surrounding it all: Glacier-covered peaks that you’re welcome to explore by joining APU-sponsored travel courses.

By combining your love of the outdoors with a desire to educate others, your MSOEE degree readies you for careers that bring science to the public. Consider opportunities with government agencies as well as national or state parks, municipal youth programs, Farm-to-School projects, and outreach agencies, among others.

Welcome to the master’s of science degree in Outdoor and Environmental Education. And welcome to Kellogg Farm, your home for place-based learning .

Steve Rubinstein, MSOEE program director