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Your classes incorporate Alaska themes while stressing portable skills, knowledge

Our location near the top of the world offers learning opportunities that most MSOEE programs can’t duplicate.

Consider your classroom – Alaska – and issues in conservation, development and environmental education that start here and develop into national and international concerns.

Consider Kellogg Farm, APU’s community service agriculture site and a 700-acre active learning lab for your 36-credit MSOEE degree. Located in semi-rural Palmer just 40 minutes east of the main APU campus, Kellogg Farm is a year-round outdoor education site. Programs for adults and children are delivered at Kellogg by MSOEE students like you who understand the connection between human well-being and time spent outdoors.

Consider members of your Outdoor Studies faculty. APU attracts professors who’ve taught with nationally recognized Outward Bound, National Outdoor Leadership School and Wilderness Education Association.

In our region, climate and weather will challenge your creativity when it comes to developing programs that take advantage of long summer days and long winter nights. In fact, if you can design engaging OEE curriculum that makes the most of local conditions, you’re equipped to develop effective programming just about anywhere.

Academics that emphasize active learning are your foundation. While your degree does not include teacher certification, OEE core classes in curriculum design, teaching methods, and your practicum emphasize experience-based learning.

Electives in topics like multicultural education, leadership and environmental restoration engage you in project-based learning to demonstrate knowledge. Cohort size is intentionally small, fostering collaboration in seminars that prepare you for your MSOEE thesis.