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Active Learning

Your MSOEE classes are experiential, a method favored in outdoor and environmental education

As an MSOEE student at APU, your classes do double duty.

You’ll gain content knowledge, of course. But watch closely: Your MSOEE faculty are committed to APU’s active learning method – a hands-on approach that you’ll come to rely on throughout your career as an outdoor and environmental educator.

Active learning is project based. Your MSOEE degree is designed so that you deliver the curriculum that you develop, in real-world settings structured to help you learn. Active learning in MSOEE is course based; virtually every class you take – in the classroom or in the field – incorporates assignments that permit you to do as you learn and then reflect with peers and faculty about your experience.

Active learning begins from your earliest coursework as an MSOEE student. Gain insight into environmental literacy through field trips as well as academic readings. Engage in demonstration models for knowledge about ways to deliver OEE curricula. Choose electives in disciplines like biology or business that engage your creativity and challenge you to show what you know.

Active learning extends to your MSOEE thesis, a capstone research project that develops focused knowledge and presentation skills. You may design a qualitative or quantitative study, or choose a Project Thesis by proposing and carrying out an OEE action plan.