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About Outdoor Studies

Channel your passion for the outdoors into professions that can really take you places

When you’re ready to convert your love of outdoor adventures into a professional career, Outdoor Studies can prepare you for a world of opportunity.

At APU, wild and scenic Alaska is the foundation of your OS bachelor’s of arts degree. Classes like Expedition Leadership, Coral Reef Ecology, and Glaciology and Glacier Travel develop your leadership abilities as you maintain physical conditioning.

Outdoor Studies at APU is a trans-disciplinary degree suited to a professional field that rewards flexible thinking and planning. When you want to match your studies to career goals, consider focusing your coursework in one of five OS concentrations: Land Management, Outdoor Education, Snow Science, Wilderness Therapy, or Tourism.

For graduate students, the Master’s of Science in Outdoor and Environmental Education offers training in outdoor and environmental literacy, programming and teaching methods. Or consider customizing your academic major in another APU department with an Outdoor Studies minor.

Your faculty includes OS professionals who have taught with National Outdoor Leadership School and Outward Bound. You’ll join a close-knit program of OS peers who share your passion for adventure and are skilled at undertaking it safely. You’ll benefit from intentionally small classes and OS professors who double as mentors throughout your time at APU.

Your OS degree emphasizes professional standards. At APU, you’ll gain real-world practice in principles that include risk assessment, effective communication, and the value of taking incremental steps toward improvement.