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Direct Loan Instructions

If you have indicated on your award letter that you will be taking out Student Loans to help cover your educational expenses while attending APU. Please complete the Steps listed below to complete your student loan process.

STEP 1: Direct Federal Stafford Loan (First-Time Borrower Only)

You must complete Entrance Counseling if you have ACCEPTED the Federal Direct Stafford Loan(s). This is MANDATORY and MUST be completed before you will receive your Stafford Loan(s). It takes about 30 minutes and can be completed at the following website:

STEP 2: Direct Federal Staff Loan and/or Direct PLUS Loan (All Borrowers)

If you are accepting any of the Direct Stafford Loans and/or Direct PLUS Loan, then you MUST sign a Master Promissory Note.

You can complete this online at the following website:

Please contact the Department of Education at 800-557-7394 if you need assistance with the application process.

Be sure to check your APU ledger for your Financial Aid status and Tuition Charges.

Tuition for Summer 2012 is due by 05/18/2012

Tuition for Fall 2012 is due by 10/12/2012

Tuition for Spring 2013 is due by 2/22/2013

It is your responsibility to be sure that everything is taken care of in a timely manner. We are here to help you, so please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns about your financial aid.