APU adds international scholar Babu George to MBA faculty

A trans-disciplinary researcher with an interest in service-sector consumer behavior, Babu George, Ph.D., has joined the Alaska Pacific University faculty in the Business Administration Department.

George, who arrived from his native India in January, earned his doctorate in management studies, marketing and tourism in YEAR from WHERE. He teaches courses in X, Y and Z in the Master’s of Business Administration program.

He was attracted to APU because he believes his teaching philosophy meshes with APU’s emphasis on project-based learning.

“Learning that enriches the human spirit can’t be achieved if teaching is about picking pieces of knowledge from the external world and planting them in our students,” George said. “The best way to promote learning is to help students understand the value of what’s being taught in context.”

A 2010-2011 associate research fellow with the Costa Rica-based Central American Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, George has directed international conferences and led international academic exchange programs. Prior to joining APU, he taught at the University of Mississippi; Dongbei (China) University of Finance and Economics; and Pondicherry (India) University.