Barclay Roeder – Interim Director of Admissions

Student, Alumni, and Staff member at APU

Barclay graduated with his undergraduate degree from APU in 2007 with a degree in Outdoor Studies. He is currently working towards his MBA at APU and is the Interim Director of Admissions in his free time. Moving to Alaska from San Antonio, Texas in 2004, Barclay has worked for Outdoor Programs, Outdoor Studies, Advised the Nordic Ski Club and not too long ago brought in one of the largest Outdoor Studies classes in recent memory to APU.

While on an May 2006 APU expedition mountaineering trip to Little Switzerland, Barclay was listening to his MP3 player all by himself on Hobbit’s footstep, and he realized what an amazing journey he had been on and how APU had transformed him as an individual.

As an admissions counselor, Barclay says that at APU, you are special and the attention to detail will shine through as you are taken care of during your tenure at APU. One of his favorite moments each year is seeing his recruited students present their senior projects and graduate.

“Only come to APU if you want to change your life”
Barclay Roeder