Art and Therapy Peace Project

Art and Therapy

This project was sponsored by Anchorage Community Land Trust (ACLT) who provided the space and supported the project by providing funding, … Read On

Nathan Van der Most – Outdoor Program Coordinator

Nathan playing kayak polo at the Moseley Pool

Alumni and Staff member at APU Nathan is one of those rare people that everyone seems to enjoy. While an undergrad at APU, Nathan studied … Read On

Mountain Rescue, Outdoor Studies

Students in Mountain Rescue Outdoor Studies Course

Mountain Rescue students deploy at Kooteney Highline with a Norwegian Reeve, used for slot canyon and water rescues. These students are in … Read On

LS students sponsor on-campus panel on Alaska Native leadership

Students from a Liberal Studies class on the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act hosted business executives for a discussion on … Read On

On the trail with the Glaciology and Glacier Travel Course


Students attending the May Block course Glaciology and Glacier Travel left Anchorage early this morning for Eklutna Lake.  Today's warm … Read On

Barclay Roeder – Interim Director of Admissions

Barclay Roeder - Interim Director of Admissions

Student, Alumni, and Staff member at APU Barclay graduated with his undergraduate degree from APU in 2007 with a degree in Outdoor … Read On

Adam Grant – Desktop Systems Engineer in IT

Adam Grant - Desktop Systems Engineer in IT

Staff member at APU Adam was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and has called APU his home for the last 9 years. He specializes in … Read On