Only in Alaska: Dungeon of Doom, Pyrotechnics, and Liberal Studies


by Kylie Clark I rest peacefully in the little bedroom of our family camper, happy to relax for a few hours. The cacophony outside is a … Read On

The APU Log Moves On

Handstand on the APU Log

An old friend is about to go through a transformation as Alaska Pacific University changes our “look” with the installation of a new … Read On

Fall Updates

Atwood Boilers: After

Energy Upgrades The Board of Trustees approved APU’s Climate Action Plan at their Board meeting on October 26.  At their summer meeting … Read On

Octopus Release Statement

My senior project provides a unique opportunity to keep a potential cryptic species of octopus in the aquarium lab, and to allow Calamity a … Read On

Looming Fiscal Cliff?

From time to time, journalists and commentators refer to a looming fiscal cliff. Most of us don't know what this is or what it means. The … Read On