Alaska Pacific University is alive with entrepreneurs!


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We should demand better from our policy makers and the press?

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Ice Wall


We have ice forming on our first on campus ice wall! The ice wall is located on the back of the Moseley Sports Center. We are hoping for … Read On

Alaska’s storied Yukon River is a classroom without walls for new students in 2013


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Stoeger: ‘Science, philosophy and theology take us beyond what we already know’

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Invasive species in Alaska waters are focus of grad student’s work on Smithsonian project

Invasive species in Alaska waters are focus of grad student's work on Smithsonian project APU graduate student Danielle Verna, MSES '13 … Read On

Evans’ ‘Oil and Water’ earns national notice for social justice themes


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Vatican scientist is APU featured speaker on God’s creation and the Big Bang

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